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From here you can start your search for trip planned. You can save money by putting many requests of the same offer price in various properties that fit your travel planning. The property which will prevent first of all to endorse the offer, you will eventually accept your reservation.

Of course you can proposed targeted to a single property, an offer other make sure your request specifying a room, if you put above automatically means you want to reserve several rooms in the property.

Design intelligently and economically your plan:

  • Enter the bid price per night you want to suggest. Here you have the possibility to set the price you want, not the hotelier!
  • Enter the type of accommodation preferred and area search.
  • Enter the dates that interest you on your trip.
  • Finally by clicking below on the button “Check Availability”, you will see the available properties that can accept the offer.

Then select the accommodations that will receive your request and match your needs by adding them to your booking basket. Remember how here you can add many requests to different accommodations, but only one will eventually approve your request. If you have put two requests for two e.g. rooms and eventually this accommodation approved this request then you will commit these two rooms to you


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